Friday, 24 August 2012

Riparian Reflections

This beautiful shot of the River Ouse from Skeldergate Bridge was taken at sunrise and sent to me by my good friend and today's guest photographer Mr Paul Bateson. The early rays of the sun have lit up the brickwork of the old warehouses on Queens Staith, whilst Kings Staith on the opposite bank is still in shadow. With pictures of this quality on offer I really must make an effort to get up and out with the camera earlier!
Taking part in Weekend Reflections


  1. What a wonderful reflection- the early photographer gets the view- well done Deb, and Paul!

  2. Quel miroir !!! en pleine vielle, on croit rêver !!!

  3. Hard to go wrong with such a perfectly still mirror of water and pretty surroundings... wow, a scene just waiting for someone with a camera to come by and immortalize it...

  4. What a way to start the day. Worth getting up and out.

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