Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Finkle Street

Finkle Street was known as Finclegayle or Fynkullstrete in the 12th century. Then, as Yorkshire folk are famed for 'speaking as they find' it became Mucky Pig Lane due to it's close proximity to the pig market! The mediaeval name was revived in Victorian times in an attempt to improve the image of the area. The church tower in the background belongs to St Sampsons, and the Roman Bath pub has viewing area allowing a glimpse of the Roman remains beneath the building.
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  1. York is such a fascinating city. The most impressive experience I had there was the Roman ruins beneath the Minster. Didn't know there are more Roman ruins about town.

  2. Finkle is a better name!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Finkle is Fine but I like Mucky Pig Lane better.

  4. I think that the older names are more FUN but a bit more FRIVOLOUS than FINKLE! Kate, ABC Team

  5. As I live in the New World, the idea of Roman baths and medieval history is Fabulous....wonderful perspective

  6. Well, pigs or no, that is a very interesting street. I'm wondering, the double yellow lines on either side of the lane - what do they signify?

    1. The lines mean 'No Parking or Waiting' Annie. Some of the shops and cafes along here have a regular delivery of goods and a van stopping here blocks the street entirely!

  7. Calling by from ABC Wednesday, I want to visit Finkle Street:)


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