Thursday, 30 August 2012


Buskers are a feature of the city, good ones are generally welcome, the less good are a nuisance for shop keepers and  locals alike who have to listen to repetitive music played badly. The Glass Caves I am happy to report were very good and attracted quite crowd outside All Saints Church.


  1. I encountered an old guy with a horrible voice the other day - I felt sorry for him since I don't think he will make much money from his performance.

  2. Unusual to see a busker set up a drum kit- they look a lovely bunch!

  3. I love the word "busking." I don't know if it's used in other parts of the States but around here folks just say "street performers." "Buskers" is better.

  4. Chrissy is right it is unusual for a drummer to be involved in busking. Here in Leeds we are lucky to have some quite good ones.


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