Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Taphophilia is an interest in and enjoyment of cemeteries and the gravestones found there. For me the wildlife that is often present even in city centre cemeteries, and the mix of trees and plants is a major part of it too. All the gravestones tell a story, some more obviously than others, and a little research can often uncover some fascinating and forgotten local history. Many are covered in symbols as well as writing, and sometimes just reading the weathered stones can be a challenge.
There are several memes dedicated to this subject and although not active at present Taphophile Tragics is warmly recommended
Taking part in ABC Wednesday 


  1. I always like the variety of trees in the old cemeteries!

  2. I too find churchyards interesting places and indeed was in a new to me one here in Leeds just yesterday. These is so much social history carved into these old stones.

  3. I find taphophilia comforting. I hope, when I'm buried, folks will come along and find me, read about me, think my stone is interesting or compelling. Isn't that wonderful, that someone gone hundreds of years ago interests us today? It's not so much a fascination with death as with history, and with life.


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