Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Roundabout of the Year

The UK Roundabout Appreciation Society(!) has recently declared this roundabout on Windmill Rise the best roundabout in Britain. I am not surprised, the windmill has been recently restored and looks splendid. Many years ago a good friend of mine lived on Windmill Rise and we used to congregate at her house every New Years Eve for a party. Directly midnight struck we all formed a conga line which skipped it's way out the door, up the hill and around this windmill to welcome in the New Year.
Taking part in  ABC Wednesday


  1. Certanly looks better than the Magic roundabout at Swindon.

  2. I saw this story in the news and wondered then if you saw it. Only in England could we have the Roundabout Appreciation Society. Its a great looking windmill.

  3. if our ROUNDABOUTS looked like this, I'd like them more!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I love it - a roundabout appreciation society! I would join, if we had roundabouts to appreciate!
    and I can just imagine the sight of you all dancing around this windmill in (drunken?) revelry.

  5. A good choice by the society!

  6. We could do with a few more roundabouts like that. Who can resist a drunken conga line:-)
    Joy - ABC Team


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