Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Flooded Fields

A flooded field with winter trees, York Minster, and the York Wheel on the wet and windy skyline. Maybe if we had more trees and plants in gardens rather than decking and gravel all that water (and the birds and insects) would have somewhere to go.


  1. I so agree about there being a need for more trees and plantings. Paving over paradise affects so much more than the view.

  2. Beautiful shot in the circumstances. I have been watching news and flooding in York looks terrible.

  3. At least you use a lot of gravel in driveways over there. Here everyone paves them over and the water just runs off!

  4. water, water everywhere... apparently. Yes trees do help to control the water. I live at the top of a gentle hill so I am pretty safe unlike so many others.


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