Friday, 16 November 2012

Station Hotel

The building next to the York wheel is the The Royal York Hotel, known to locals as the Station Hotel as it is practically situated on platform 2. The hotel was completed in 1878, a year after the station opened.  It featured elegant banqueting rooms and 100 large bedrooms for 14 shillings a night. A 27-room west wing was added in 1896, named Klondyke after the US gold rush of the time.
Taking part in Skywatch Friday


  1. Spectacular blue sky! Happy weekend!

  2. A grand building bathed in lovely light! And love the huge wheel contrast on the right!

  3. We have a Royal York Hotel here too. One of the poshest in town. The Queen always stays there on her infrequent visits.

  4. The last time we visited York we had tea in the Station and walked over to this hotel to have a look around. Fantastic place and lovely photo.

  5. I was almost tempted to take to the sky in the big wheel on my trip over last. I liked the look of the station hotel which I walked past. 14s was quite a lot of money back in 1878, back then you could hire a good household cook on £18 wages per year. By chance I was looking at a Yorkshire Post on Friday dated 1883.


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