Saturday, 24 November 2012

Ellen Wilson

Ellen Wilson's Hospital on Lawrence Street was built by John Sykes in 1894. It is a row of six single-story brick dwellings. It was intended for aged or infirm women born or resident in St. Lawrence's parish, selected without religious test, and a stipend of 8 shillings a week (0.40p) was given to each inmate.


  1. Almshouses then wonder who pays for them now.

    1. Rather surprisingly I think the charitable foundation set up by Ellen & Dorothy Wilson is still going strong Bill.

  2. Still the same type of usage?

  3. Fascinating! And from here it looks charming. Makes me want to move to York just in case.

  4. Where do I sign up? Yes oddly amny of these old charities are still going today and they are I think often rather overlooked.


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