Monday, 12 November 2012

Boer War Memorial

Meant to post this yesterday, better late than never. Most of the war memorials in York are quite plain. The exception is the Boer War Memorial next to the Minster. It is an elaborately decorated column with niches near the top of the monument for statues representing the men and women who served. On this side of the memorial two soldiers and a nurse look down on passers-by. One of the niches stands empty save for a plaque stating that the occupant was struck by lightening!


  1. An amazing war memorial Deb. One of the most ornate I have seen.

  2. this is very gothic looking and very different from most war memorials. they do tend to be on the simple side, don't they? I wonder why.

  3. Such an amazing and impressive monument. Please consider linking up with Cemetery Sunday (every Sunday)

    Beneath Thy Feet


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