Monday, 7 November 2011

Roman Rockery

The Museum Gardens do seem to have a lot of stone sarcophagi at their disposal at the moment. Here are some scattered amongst the tree and shrubs of the botanical garden. In the background you can see a Roman portion of the city walls plus a glimpse of the other side of the Multangular Tower shown in an earlier post.
This part of the gardens is known as the Prairie bed and celebrates the horticultural links between Great Britain and North America. It contains plants that originate from the prairies such as Asters, Golden Rod, Purple Coneflower, and Blazing Star.


  1. My goodness. Well, I suppose if you have piles of ancient sarcophagi to spare you can leave them lying around like that.

    It looks like a beautiful place. And I've simply got to touch that wall.

  2. How very interesting. I love gardens like this.


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