Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Fish out of Water

Well the fish forms part of this double sided drinking fountain which is a Grade II listed monument. Dating from 1880 it is made of sandstone with granite columns and bowl topped by a stone flag roof. There is a lion mask waterspout (on the reverse, it seems to have gone from this side) and a gabled canopy with carp and fish-tail finials. This side of the fountain, with St Peter's keys on the heraldic shield, faces into the Museum Gardens. It no longer works.


  1. Aha...a nice piece of Victoriana, even if it no longer works.

  2. Its easy to forget how much we take running water on tap for granted. They rarely work here in the UK these days, there is something similar out towards Kirkstall here in Leeds and that also does not work.

  3. I hope it one day runs again. A super piece!


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