Wednesday, 30 November 2011

March and Rally in York

Union banners outside York Minster earlier this afternoon. Public sector workers in the UK are on strike today, many for the first time in their working lives, in protest at the government proposals to alter pension provision. The government intends to increase the retirement age to 68, increase the contributions paid by public sector workers into their pension, and reduce the amount eventually paid out.

Todays protest is aimed at getting the government to talk to unions to help reach a negotiated settlement rather than just issue an ultimatum.


  1. I am watching the news on NRK, Norwegian TV, and I have seen the demonstrations/strike going on in London.
    We have also been told not to go to England if we don`t have too.

    I guess your last line says it all.

  2. Glad I am here today instead of there!


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