Monday, 14 November 2011

The Lost Legion – Legio IX Hispania

This tile is one of several found in York to bear the mark of the Roman Ninth Legion.  Around 71 AD the legion helped build the Roman fortress of Eboracum, however early in the second century the Legion vanishes from the historical record. There is a lot of speculation about the cause including a massive defeat in Scotland or possibly, after a strategic transfer, in the Middle East. Either way it has given rise to numerous books and films. This tile is on display in the Yorkshire Museum.


  1. The lettering is still so sharp! Clay is incredible!

  2. The legionaries were great builders, you only have to look at some of the roads they laid out. I long knew the story or myth of the Legio IX Hispana. As for the films Centurion 2010 is not bad and The Last Legion of 2007 is quite fun.
    Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo

  3. Hello Deb, My name is Mark Mahaffey, I'm working on laying out an article on Legio IX for "Against the Odds" magazine:
    Came across your great tile photo here and wanted to inquire about using it in the article. If you would allow this, let me know how you'd like your photo credit to read.
    Yours, -Mark


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