Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Blue Bicycle - No 2

Well no one would steal this old wreck but it does get the message across. In a city with so many bikes I suppose it is inevitable that bike theft becomes an issue. This reminds me of one of those puzzles where you have to spot how many things are wrong in a picture, no saddle, no chain, no brakes .................................


  1. Yeah - but bike theft is no joke. After having one bike stolen, my next purchase was a folding bike, which I keep inside as much as I possibly can. And when I do lock it outside, I fold it, so that it doesn't look like something that you can just get on and ride away.

  2. I wonder what I would get for the frame down at the scrapyard? Only kidding, it actually looks in pretty good nick despite the missing bits. Chris is right when he says it is not funny, it is a serious problem in many of our towns and cities.


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