Thursday, 13 October 2011

Upside Down Tree

The last two very cold winters have killed off many of the semi-hardy plants in York. This uprooted tree has been installed in the Museum Garden fern garden and the roots planted up with small ferns, it will be interesting to revisit next year to see the results. In the background is the Multangular Tower with small Roman bricks below and larger medieval blocks above.


  1. What a neat idea, the tree was lost anyway I guess. As you say it will be interesting to see it again in a year or so. Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo

  2. It's great that someone working for 'a recognised authority' can still as imaginative and creative as to try something quirky like this. I should also submit this photo to the BBC's photos site!

  3. I love the bricks and blocks--the history, knowing how long they've been there and wondering who made them, who put them there. It's so compelling.


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