Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Clock Stopped at Twenty to Five

A poignant sight for many Yorkies, the old Rowntree factory on Haxby Road up for sale. Built in 1890 by the chocolate manufacturer and Quaker philanthropist Joseph Rowntree the Cocoa Works are being sold by the current owners Nestle. The big white clock at the bottom right of the picture could always be relied upon to tell the correct time but has stopped for the time being.
Chocolate manufacturing (KitKat and Aero I think) does still happen on this site but with a much reduced workforce. There was a distinct aroma of chocolate and mint in the air as I walked past earlier today.


  1. another icon of british industry about to bite the dust

  2. I have to agree with Gerald, very old British company sold down the river. Only to become an exciting development opportunity, still they are going to call it the cocoa works, so thats OK then.
    Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo


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