Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Stone Festival Bench

In 2000 a group of 70 stone carvers came together to craft this bench which stands in Dean’s Park next to York Minster. It is octagonal in shape and is covered with a multitude of grotesque figures. In the background is all that remains of the original Archbishops Palace. It is now the home of the Minster Library and a War Memorial to the 2nd Division raised in Portugal at Albuera 18th June 1809.

The bench is built around a sycamore tree, the crab apples are from a nearby tree.


  1. Impressive work, too bad no one was using it while you were there shooting.

  2. Wonderful styling to fit into such an historic location!

  3. Its nice to see that they have made it big enough to give that tree plenty of room to grow. Looks like they were given free reign to be artistic on their bit of the work.


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