Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Al Fresco Dinning Yorkshire Style

Here is one of the many places to eat in York. It does have a slightly continental look to it with lots of bright colours and outside tables. Then you notice the patio heater and the rolled up plastic sheet to help keep wind and rain at bay……. you can always dine inside of course.


  1. I have never really understood the idea of patio heaters, it is outside and generally speaking you are wasting your time trying to heat. I think the plastic sheeting is a much better idea. We live in the North... it can be pretty cool for much of the year.

  2. I do like the idea of outside eating, but I agree with Paul that patio heaters do seem wasteful.
    And the other trouble is: if the sheeting had to be unrolled over the top of you, would it seem as much fun? It would be like a terrible family camping holiday...
    But - I give the place marks for trying.


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