Monday, 3 October 2011

Black Sheep

This is the pub sign of the Golden Fleece on Pavement. The Knights of the Golden Fleece are a chivalric Order founded around 1430 for the protection of the church. The Order still exists today; indeed Queen Elizabeth II is a member. It is not unexpected to find their mark in a city with such historic links to the church as York. The Order’s badge is a ram with a red band around its middle which is often used to illustrate the Golden Fleece inn sign. Here the band has been painted black to match the surrounding paint work.


  1. I'd probably go and drink at the atheist pub, where is that?

  2. There are many many pubs in York Steffe, most of them would meet your requirements i think!

  3. There I was thinking it was something to do with the brewery. I see Wellington was a knight of the Spanish version.


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