Saturday, 15 October 2011

Ingram’s Hospital

Built by Sir Arthur Ingram in 1630-2 as an almshouse to house 10 poor widows, money was also provided "for the women to have a new gown every 2 years". The building was damaged during the Civil War siege of York and restored in 1650. The much earlier (Norman) doorway in the middle tower may have come from Holy Trinity Priory, an early example of architectural salvage.

Charles I is thought to have stayed in the building in 1642. More recently it was converted to flats although all the shuttered windows on the ground floor suggest it may currently be empty.


  1. I suspect modern women would struggle with 1 new frock every 2 years. I thoughgt the name rang a bell The Ingram family and especially Sir Arthur had their Yorkshire seat at Temple Newsam here in Leeds. Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo

  2. I'd love a flat in a building like that. The interior must be interesting as well.


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