Monday, 25 June 2012

When will it stop Raining?

This was the King Arms yesterday following all the heavy rain we have been having. Steel flood door in place and a hosepipe sticking out of the letterbox! Normally the pub is several metres from the river and those tables are a pleasant place enjoy a drink. I have seen the water as high as the pub sign so as floods go this episode is comparatively minor, but still bad enough for those with homes and business affected.


  1. That looks really frightening Deb (but a great photo). Hope it subsides very soon...

  2. You really are experiencing some flooding there in York as well. We are on the open bay near the Gulf of Mexico so if a tropical storm, or hurricane, moves toward us we get much higher water levels and tons of flooding. Our hurricane season started June 1st so this storm is rather early.


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