Sunday, 10 June 2012

What Big Teeth You Have......

This grotesque is one of a number of winged creatures emerging from the side of St Mary's church. De-consecrated in 1958 the nave of the church is now used as York Art Gallery's contemporary space usually housing a single large installation. Currently it is home to "The Temple of a Thousand Bells" by Laura Belem. This particular winged creature appears to have been muzzled, rather a relief given the size of those teeth!


  1. Normally I cringe when I hear those two words together.. art and installation. Much of it appears at least to me as a case of the emperors new clothes. This one however does look interesting.

    1. Do take a look if you are in York Paul, although funnily enough the phrase 'Emperors new clothes' came to mind when I went inside................

  2. seems to be having some pretty extreme dental work

  3. He looks really old! There are a lot of emperor's new clothes around it seems.

  4. perhaps he was eating too many close flying bats or small birds?

  5. That legend really inspired her. I love the video here:
    Seeing it inside this very church is a pleasure for me. Plus Rath stole my line.


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