Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ballet Girls

Poetry, yes, I also enjoy a wide range of music including opera, I will go along and see almost anything at the theatre, love Shakespeare, modern art, traditional galleries, you name it I will turn up. Ballet however leaves me cold, not interested, not even slightly curious, tried it once but fell asleep (watching not performing).
So why on earth do I want to read this book? I spotted it in the shop window, shop was closed, I felt almost annoyed. Then I remembered, I love old books, phew that was close I thought I was turning into a balletomane....................


  1. I like the look of that vintage shop too Deb. So you won't be pirouetting on the city walls when you show us around York then? ;-)

  2. Cool window display. I went to a performance by the National Ballet of Canada a few years ago which was all modern and set to Rolling Stones recordings - fabulous!


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