Thursday, 7 June 2012


Always remember to look up is a good maxim to follow if you want to get the best out of a visit to York.These 3 gruesome locals have been leering down on passers-by in Coney Street for many years now, although one of them is younger than you might think. The devil in the centre had to be replaced a couple of years ago as water from the drainpipe above had soaked into the wood and damaged the previous carving beyond repair.


  1. A great angle and three unfriendly faces for the price of one...

  2. The devil had to be replaced...? Now that is scary!

  3. I think I need some of these for my place! ;-)

  4. Can't be having a wet devil, so am glad he was replaced!

  5. These are wonderful.
    We don't see such faces much in America, even on the oldest buildings. Can anyone tell me what tradition they come from or what they signify?

    1. They are great fun, but the building is only around 100 years old so I think these mask were purely decorative. Perhaps intended to echo the centuries old carved stone faces found in the local churches and the Minster


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