Monday, 18 June 2012

Blue Bridge

There has been a Blue Bridge on this site since 1738, the present bridge dates from 1895. York has two rivers running through the city centre, the Foss and the Ouse. The Blue Bridge is the last (or first) bridge to cross the Foss just before the confluence with the Ouse, which you can see above in the blog header


  1. And it is a lift bridge! Or a t least part of it is.

  2. A fine looking bridge and an unusual angle to photograph it. A visual treat.

  3. Nice detail of the blog header. And I always love the history you share.

  4. What lovely bridges and that the blue remains a traditional color makes it extra special. It would not be the same if the color changed.

    1. Indeed not, although I suspect it would always be known locally as the 'Blue Bridge' even if it was painted another colour!

  5. I like this, both the image and the text.


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