Sunday, 6 May 2012

St Leonard's Hospital

This is the entrance passageway to St Leonard's Hospital built around 1137, there is little left of the rest of the building.  Mediaeval hospitals provided food, warmth, and a bed to the elderly, poor and infirm. They were as much concerned with spiritual as well as physical health  as  the Hospital was a religious building, and the brothers and sisters here distributed alms to paupers daily. It was disbanded at the dissolution of the monastries in 1540, and this passageway has since been used as a boatyard, stables and occasional air raid shelter.

Until very recently it contained roman coffins from the nearby museum and was often used by the homeless as a shelter to sleep in for the night. Something which should give us all pause for thought as it has been performing this service for nigh on 1000 years. This year it has been given a face lift and now hosts an introduction to the history of the Yorkshire Museum and the Museum Gardens.


  1. This shot really pulls me in - love the composition and the commentary!

  2. It's wonderful! Nice bit of history too!

  3. Cannot believe the age of some of the York buildings! Fascinating post Deb.

  4. It looks like it would have been a rather intimidating entranceway.

  5. As Cathy says, it pulls me in. I don't think I'd be able to resist walking through it.


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