Friday, 4 May 2012

Cycle Station

York is an easy city to cycle around being relatively small, flat and cycle friendly. Many commuters cycle to the station and leave their bikes here for the day. You can also see a portion of the rather attractive Victorian Railway station designed by Thomas Prosser and William Peachey. When it was opened in 1877 it was the largest railway station in the world with 13 platforms although it has fewer now.


  1. Those were the days when we were famous for real achievements. I very rarely cycle these days, the roads here are so busy and many drivers do not leave enough room. I was chatting with a local to me vicar last week and he was knocked off his bike recently and wound up in hospital but is ok now apart from broken collar bone... I should add he was cycling on the pavement when the car driver mounted the kerb and hit him!

  2. It's good to see so many people cycling these days although I am a bit like Paul - if there is no bike lane I don't like to go there!

  3. We have one or two bikes in Cambridge too. I'll show you some one day!


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