Wednesday, 2 May 2012

John Burrill Homes

Opened in 1931 these charming alms houses now offer accomodation to 6 residents and a caretaker. Situated just off Clifton Green they are a peaceful oasis near the centre of town. The imaculate gardens include this statue with the inscription "These homes were the gift of John Burrill of Clifton". Of Mr Burrill himself I can find out little save he was a generous benefactor who left a lasting memorial to the city.

I cannot decide if the statue is holding a sundial or an astrolobe as the pointers are missing and the engraving rather worn. Any thoughts welcome.


  1. I always think that this is a nice way to be remembered long after you allotted time. Thought you might be showing the hurricane (WW2 aeroplane) today...

  2. Ah yes, it may well feature in a few days time Paul.

  3. I have no idea but I like the sculpture.
    Somehow I missed yesterday's goodies! Yummy.

  4. The statue is holding a sundial
    My Grandfather was a caretaker of the homes for years.
    There used to be 2 very large willow trees in the garden that had to be removed.
    Sometime in the sixties

    1. Thanks for your reply. I was surprised to see thriving vegetable gardens behind the homes on a recent visit, they are still being well looked after.

    2. If it was who i think it was -- He was a gentleman .. xx


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