Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Pride of York

This rusting metal arch which echos the outline of a railway carriage has been raised on the former site of York Carriageworks. Beginning in 1884 this industry once provided work for thousands of skilled rail engineers, and alongside the chocolate industry was the main source of income for many living locally. By the end of the last century there were only a few hundred jobs left and the last body shell was painted in 1995. There are 3 sets of (redundant) rail lines in the grass near the arch, one runs through the centre of the arch and has brick setts placed between the rails to form a short path.


  1. Another industry down the pan and everyone wonders why there are less jobs availble than there once were.

  2. I think schools need to train more doers rather than thinkers as I have heard your British inventor, Dyson, preaching.
    Like the modern arch!


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