Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Curious Window

This stained glass window is in a building down a ginnel a stones throw from the Minster glaziers workshops. I wonder if it was made by one of the glaziers in their spare time? The red lion is standing in front of a representation of one of the Bars or gateways in the city walls. I think it is most likely Monk Bar, and one day if I have the patience to decipher the 'back to front' writing or I get to go inside this building I might find out what it is all about!


  1. A lovely little gem, well spotted Deb. Good luck with the deciphering...

  2. Probably a bit of free-lance work there!

  3. I am quite interested in stained glass windows generally. Just a wild guess, perhaps a practice piece. As Chrissy said well spotted.

  4. If and when you go inside, please take your camera with you.


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