Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wipe Your Feet!

Quite a number of the older terraced houses have a front door that opens directly onto the street. This meant that all the mud and dirt from unmade roads and pavements was walked straight into the house. To help prevent this many houses had a bootscraper set into the wall near the front door. No longer used for their original purpose they are often painted up as a 'feature' to match the door. The lower picture is the only example I have seen of a communal bootscraper. I found it on the site of the former York Bluecoat School but have no idea if it was provided for the children to use or if it came later.


  1. My grandparents house in London had a boot scraper, I was made to use it if I had muddy footware. I cannot ever recall seeing a communal scraper like this one.

  2. What colourful and fascinating artifacts. I will look out for some of them on this side of the country.

  3. i have never seen such a thing!

  4. Outstanding! I love the shots and the way you've arranged them. I have a bootscraper my grandfather made from an old horseshoe. I'm so afraid of allowing it to rust I haven't put it out where it can be seen or used. I might follow the example of your neighbors and just use good old paint.


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