Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Roll out the Barrel

Well leap days don't come along very often so I thought it a good enough excuse to post a picture take somewhere other than York. Still in Yorkshire this is the recent Ilkley Beer Festival, where over 100 real ales, ciders and perries were available to taste. A concession to non beer drinkers was a sign announcing 'Wine by the glass (if you must!)' There were a few beards in evidence but no sandals. Despite the impression given above I would say around 20% of the real ale enthusiasts  were female.
This picture shows a small selection of the beers available. My personal favourite to drink was a beer called Inn-Spired made by the Old Spot Brewery from Cullingworth in West Yorkshire which was delicious. Favourite name for a brew was 99 Red Baboons (who remember's Nena?) by the Blue Monkey brewery which tasted pretty good too.


  1. I well remember 99 Luftballons, I first heard it in Bremen. By sheer chance I met someone today whose birthday it was, he was 80 and he had lots of cards just delivered by the postman. He was and indeed is still vicar of a church I passed today in Bradford, I called in to see if it was open and by chance met him outside the vicarage.

  2. Red baboons, funny. And inn spired? Inspiring indeed. Great view from above Deb.

  3. Great shot - love your angle and panoramic view of the earnest drinkers!


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