Sunday, 5 February 2012


Over the gate into Clifford's Tower are the arms of Charles I (top) and Henry Clifford Earl of Cumberland. They were added when the gate-house was repaired following damage sustained during the civil war seige of 1644. Since then they have weathered somewhat.
This castle was built on the site of a much earlier wooden castle, one of a pair built by William the Conqueror either side of the River Ouse around 1068.


  1. I had to check back to see where they were on the whole structure. They certainly have lasted a long time open to the weather!

  2. RedPat they are to the right of where I took yesterday's picture, so just out of sight but in the open. Yes it is amazing they are not completely worn away,

  3. Wonderful. Thanks for the photos and the history. What a wonderful place you live in. I enjoy your blog so much. I keep lifting my laptop and turning it around to show your photos to my husband. "Look at this one!"


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