Saturday, 28 January 2012

Under the Minster

This is a close up view of one of the Norman pillars that originally supported the roof of York Minster crypt. The pillar is still in the crypt but the height of the roof has since been raised so it is no longer part of the structure. Richly carved on the outside these round pillars are hollow inside and filled with rubble. They looked to have some flecks of paint on them and may have been heavily coloured at some point. If you look closely at the second diagonal band from the left you can see the original stonemasons mark - a thin line with a diamond shape on the top.


  1. Oh yes! That's really something. I like the golden light on this, you've given it atmosphere.

  2. As soon as I saw the colour of the stone I thought of the minster.

  3. I love seeing the artist's signature mark!

  4. Its always intersting to see masons marks in old stone structures. Masons marks can sometimes be seen on old kerbstones at the edge of pavements. As Redpat writes this is indeed the mason's signature, at the end of his apprenticeship the now journeyman mason would select a mark that would be his for life.


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