Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Ginnel with a Door

Walking through the Bishophill area of the city these two doors caught my attention. Initially I wondered why one was in much better condition than the other, then realised that the one on the right led into the house whilst the other led into an unheated passage between two terraced houses.


  1. How unusual to have a door to an alleyway/ginnel, or is de rigeur your side of the Pennines, Deb?

  2. Chrissy, good question. This is a 'private' alleyway which leads to the backyard of these terraced houses. Quite often a row of old terraces in the city will have one of these closed ginnnels every fourth house or so. Means the owners can get to the back of their property without walking to the end of a long row of houses. Never noticed it anywhere else but then I havn't really looked, will do now!

  3. Great colors. I love the colors and of course the story!

  4. It must be quite dark in that ginnel!


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