Saturday, 7 January 2012

National Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum (NRM) in York has over 100 locomotives and over 200 other items of rolling stock. Some of the locomotive superstars are stored in the round as the museum is housed in a restored engine shed. Imagine a clock with a piece of track at each hour all facing inwards, and at the centre of the clock is a turntable. Any one of the locos can be moved onto the turntable and from there out of the museum onto the main line as there is a connecting track.
The eyecatching locomotive with the gold and red livery is the Duchess of Hamilton newly restored to opulent art deco re-streamlined condition. On the turntable is No 66 Aerolite built in 1869.


  1. That Duchess of Hamilton train is incredible -modern trains could take a lesson from that one!

  2. These locomotives are magnificent!


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