Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Old and New

One of the pleasures of walking around York is discovering the old beside the new. St Mary's Tower on Bootham is a corner tower of the wall surrounding St Mary's Abbey. Now a ruin St Mary's was once one of the wealthiest Benedictine Abbeys in the country. The faded white sign on the Tower reads 'The Hamlet of St Marys'. The Tower sustained significant damage in the civil war siege of York in 1644 hence the portion of the wall that stands out at the left hand side.


  1. "Old" and "new" being relative of course- York's rich history through so many ages never ceases to amaze me ;-)

  2. That may be my favorite thing ever. Really, I love it! Is it a private home now? Does someone live there? My fancy has been stricken by this photo!

    1. I have never been inside although I would love to do so. For a while it was used by the Da Costa singing academy, not sure if it is used at all now. It never looks 'lived in' and no one seems to know who owns it.


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