Saturday, 15 September 2012

Bootham Town Houses

These elegant town houses on Bootham are mostly built of pale brick which makes the warm brickwork of Hudson House on the right stand out all the more. Between the pavement proper and the road is a width of cobbles down each side of the road with trees planted at intervals. Many of the houses along here are four or five story buildings with the basement below pavement level. Some are now divided into apartments and others used as offices. One or two remain as very desirable single residences.


  1. Very desirable anywhere I would think. I guess they are very expensive.

  2. It looks to be a quiet area too! Great buildings.

  3. The chimneys caught my eye...I've never seen anything like those before. So many...I don't know what to call them...chimneypots?...on each one. The homes and street look very gracious and I love the brick.


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