Thursday, 13 September 2012

A walk down Bootham

I though we might take a walk down Bootham towards the city centre over the next few days. This road runs N.W from the city and follows the route of one of the main Roman roads into the city. Today it is a wide tree lined street with some very imposing buildings. The name may derive from the 'place of the booths' as St Mary's Abbeys had the right to hold a weekly market along here. 
The building on the left is Ingram House built in the 1630s, we'll take a closer look at that arched doorway tomorrow which looks rather older.....


  1. A nice wide street - looking forward to the tour!

  2. I see I did this backwards, looking at the door first. What a wonderful view, though, and great old building.

  3. Ingram, thought it rang a bell his family owned Temple Newsam estate here in Leeds.


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