Sunday, 23 September 2012

Bootham Bar

This is the end of our journey down Bootham here at Bootham Bar, one of the four gateways into the city. There has been a gateway here for almost 2000 years. The coat of arms is the Royal House of Stuart, with the York shield of five lions beneath.  In 1501 the gate had a door knocker and Scots were required to knock first and seek permission from the Lord Mayor to enter the city. It is still legal to shoot a Scotsman from the city walls here so long as you do so with a bow and arrow!


  1. Such wonderful history all around you. I guess you wouldn't want to wear a kilt near the wall.
    I bought a book and a magazine subscription today at the Word on The Street.

  2. I was here two weeks back and on chatting with a tourist discovered that they were very unimpressed by the public loo which is the doorway on the right of the picture. That apart it is a beautiful scene of some history.

    1. Yes indeed, the older York public conveniences are somewhat mediaeval in appearance and these are a prime example.

  3. I'm of Scottish descent on my mother's side, but I'll keep that to myself when I visit.


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