Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Unseen by most

This is the view revealed by the demolition of the huts in yesterdays post. It shows the wall of St Mary's Abbey and the corner tower (see the more usual view here) from an angle unseen by most since before WW2. There was a bit of an outcry at the removal of the huts by some who felt the city was losing a' valuable piece of modern history'. I for one would rather have this view than preserve a few asbestos ridden wartime huts. The plan is for this space to be landscaped and used to display sculpture which could be an asset for the city, or not depending on the sculptures chosen!.


  1. It looks to be a great spot for sculpture!

  2. I do like this view, but I liked the huts too. I don't much like asbestos, though.


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