Friday, 18 January 2013

A Tour of the City Walls

The next few days feature a walk on the city walls from Bootham Bar to Monkgate Bar. The word bar is a shortened version of barbican, each of these bars or gates into the city once had a barbican (fortified gateway) attached. The shields on the bar are the Royal House of Stuart (top)  and two Arms of the City of York. The three figures on top of the bar show a mason and a knight left and right. The central figure is Nicholas Langton a former Lord Mayor from the fourteenth century. 


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  2. I seem to remember it is legal for a person born within the walls to shoot a Scotsman with a longbow from the city walls if you see one coming down the A1 towards York

  3. Looking forward to it. It has been ages since I went through that gateway.


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