Friday, 17 May 2013

St Olaf

York has long standing connections with Norway going back to Viking times. Above the doorway of St Olaves church in Marygate is this fine statue of St Olaf, also known as King Olaf II of Norway (1015-1028). The first church dedicated to St Olaf was raised on this site in 1055 and Benedictine monks from this church went on to found St Mary's Abbey which is sited next door..
Taking part in CDP theme day Norway


  1. King saga and St Olav are an important part of Norway's history.
    Good to see that the story lives beyond national borders.
    Olav den heilage

  2. St Olaf certainly is popular; Northfield, MN has a very fine liberal arts college named for him.

  3. He is a truly global saint! Great capture for the theme!

  4. Nice and interesting contribution to this theme day. Great picture!

  5. St. Olav looks every bit the king in that statue. Thanks for sharing this view and the information of the first church built on the site. Such history, and shared history :-). Great theme contribution.

  6. What a guy. It's a great statue and I love your shot of it.

  7. Even the stones in the wall are nice!

  8. Yes, I agree with Dina that even the stones in the wall are nice. The stance of Olaf in the statue, that Kim comments upon, is fascinating. It is often used for people who were adventurers and breakers of new ground, the going forward with determination stance. This is a lovely statue that I suspect people passing by might often overlook.

    Thank you for your contribution to the Norwegian Constitution Day theme hosted by the City Daily Photo portal.


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