Friday, 31 May 2013

Bell Ringer

This fine wooden memorial to Ron Dove hangs in a local church. Between 1950 and 1994 he made it his business to visit and ring bells in almost all the ringable towers left. A ringing outing to a new church is known as a 'Tower Grab'. Apps now exist to help you locate and log places where you may ring bells away from your home tower.


  1. Wow! That app would be an absolute necessity here where I live and where there are very few bell towers. But I'm lifting my glass this morning to ol' Mr. Dove. :-)

  2. A great memorial. I love the font they have used on it!

  3. A lovely little memorial- the font really grabbed me too- a mix of modern, 1930s and Celtic to my eyes!

  4. Very nice, I like it. I once read a mystery novel about a bell tower in a small English village. Of course I can't remember the title or the author now!

  5. Nice tribute to the bells. I love to hear the sound!
    A kiss.

    This is my tribute to the bells:


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