Thursday, 12 July 2012

York Dispensary

There is so much lovely detail in the small portion of the building shown here. The City of York shield with the five lions, the dates 1788-1899, and the mix of glass and brick lights above the door. It was formerly the entrance to the York Dispensary, a fore-runner of the NHS. A couple of weeks ago the building was covered in scaffolding, presumably for cleaning, so I look forward to seeing what emerges once it is removed.


  1. Certainly looks worth maintaining. Beautiful!

  2. What a gorgeous facade. Is that green brick?

    1. It does look like that doesn't it but a combination of age and algae I think Petrea. Will post a pic once the scaffolding comes off.

  3. Petrea, I think the stone has gone green with algae or whatever due to not enough sunshine in recent times. Oddly I recently discovered that a building here I quite like was the old dispensary and I was out getting some pix there yesterday.

  4. I kind of like the algae! It's a pretty color. But I suppose it's not healthy for the life of the building. I look forward to seeing the post-scaffolding photo.

  5. Please show us the finished clean.


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