Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Modern Marker

Amongst all the old grave markers in York cemetery are some modern memorials. Often they are quite different to conventional stones. This inscription always strikes me as a lovely way to be remembered. I know nothing about Edgar Joseph Newton, but from the words listed above I know I would have liked to meet him. I also enjoyed the challenge of deciphering the Roman numerals (1947-2003) and now want to know why he knew the cemetery as Bellfield.
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  1. Very striking and simple- a lovely way to be remembered in both the unusual stonework and in its inscription.

  2. This is like a personal obelisk! Certainly stands out in the crowd! Creative idea!

  3. I wonder if he called this place Bellfield in one of his writings?

  4. I got stuck with the 2003 bit. Never had to decipher one like that before. I like this stone and its story very much. Methinks it were put there by his brother, which is very nice also. "Bellfield". Do you have bell birds in your area? I am in the process of selling my brother's farm which is called "Bellbird'. The sounds of the bellbirds from his side porch are striking.

    1. Sadly there are no Bellbirds in the UK Julie. I always wanted to hear one for real and when I finally did (in Trinidad) I was thrilled and smitten. I would love to live somewhere I could hear them every day. If the works syndicate wins the lottery this week I will put in a bid for your brothers farm!

  5. Simple and beautiful. What an honors to be acknowledged as someone's "friend" on one's gravestone...

  6. That is intriguing. I love memorials that make you want to find out more. Beautiful aimple stone.

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  7. i like this one!
    although you can tell its not old, it does look timeless to me.


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