Saturday, 31 March 2012

Zero House

York planners are ultra conservative, there are very few houses in the city centre that are anything other than conventional looking. Zero House is a refreshing exception. This picture does not really do justice to the stunning design as it only shows half the building, imagine another wing on the back of this with a gull wing roof joining both sides.
Finished in 2008 it is called Zero House as it sits below No 2 on the street and is almost carbon neutral. The site and house combined cost around £750,000.

As I took the picture several passersby stopped to chat, one hadn't noticed the property before(!) one was enthusiastic, whilst a third felt it was 'in the wrong place'.


  1. I love it! It certainly is a contrast to all your ancient buildings in York.

  2. Amazing building- and a shocker for York I bet!


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