Monday, 5 March 2012

The Wizard Express

I managed to catch up with a local movie star recently. The steam locomotive Olten Hall is currently enjoying a new lease of life as Hogwarts Castle, and she called in to visit some young admirers at the National Railway Museum over the half term holiday. Sold for scrap in 1964(!) she is now much in demand to pull The Wizard Express excursions. The name change has led to 5972 becoming known in steam enthusiast circles as the Hall that thinks she is a Castle. Well why not!


  1. I grew up with a steam engine train not that much different from this one, that pulled trains past our house and when it passed, the dishes in the cupboard would rattle. Nice photo.

  2. An impressive movie star- you would need quite a long red carpet for that to make an entrance- wondeful photo. (We both posted trains today!)

  3. She will never go for scrap now - glad she has become a star!


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