Sunday, 4 December 2011

St Mary's Tower

This is the upper section of St Mary's Tower,  part of the wall of St Mary's Abbey. It was built by Stephen de Austewyk in 1324 to an unusual design, round on the outside but octagonal on the inside.
During the Civil War it was attacked by the Parliamentarians on June 16th 1644. A mine exploded underneath the Tower and the Abbey wall was breached with Roundheads getting as far as the King's Manor but they were then beaten back with many captured and around 40 killed.
After the Civil War the tower was rebuilt with thinner walls on the outside but kept the octagonal shape on the inside.


  1. That is so old - hope the fix it before any further damage occurs!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. It's the kind of tower an American girl pictures when she reads a fairy tale.


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