Thursday, 22 December 2011

St Lawrence Victorian Church

This is the Victorian replacement of the original 14th century St Lawrence's church in the previous posts. The tower featured earlier this week is now in the grounds of this church.  This large church is also now disused, and although I usually enjoy a wander around old churchyards I found this one to have a rather brooding melancholic feel as I walked amongst the trees and gravestones.


  1. I wonder what will become of this huge building if it isn't being used anymore!

  2. Yes, I think that's what the Victorians wanted you to feel!

  3. Hello - I can state quite definitely that the church was not disused in 2011 nor is it today! It was closed during winter only at the time of this photograph, as the heating system had not worked for 20 years. We are presently installing heating to bring the church fully back into use. You can read about it (and donate if you like!) here: Iain R J Milne, churchwarden


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